A Stupendous Reading and the Story Behind the Story

This week, the intensities continue as the full moon in Pisces graces our sky, but you can most certainly choose to keep those energies up instead of down. The angels are telling me they would like you to use this as an opportunity to clear yourself of the old and make way for the new. This is a great time to forgive and to move forward peacefully. They are really focusing this reading on healing past wounds. They want you to focus on opening your hearts, stay calm (so as not to amplify any pain or fear you might go through), and to keep things positive. The full moon has a lot of bad rap and people always assume it's a time of negative energy, but that is always up to you. Continued heightened intuition and psychic abilities. I also had a "jump card", which means they had an additional message for this week.

I was also made to understand that the angels wishto use these weekly angel card readings to assist those who are currently going through a shift towards ascension (myself included!). Of course, angel readings always have a universal message and will speak to anyone reading them, but I just wanted to let you know about this particular insight I received. So please feel free to share with anyone you think might need these weekly encouragements and "cheerleading" (their choice of word!). 🙂

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Because I'm travelling, I only had one deck with me, and that was the wonderful Angel Therapy oracle cards.

Card 1: Monday-Tuesday


The full moon is this Tuesday, September 9, and the angels want you to use it's power to forgive and let go of the past. The full moon is always a powerful time to release things that no longer serve you, and many of us are called this week to look at this as a time to heal. You can also use this opportunity to send healing energy and kind, loving thoughts to anyone or any situation. The "parents" aspect of this card is simply a way of asking you to work on forgiving those who have hurt you, and of releasing yourselffrom the past. Ask Archangel Michael to assist you with this.

Card 2: Wednesday-Thursday

Past life

I feel there are several meanings to this card. The full moon's effect will still be in full gear during the middle of the week, and the angels are stressing what a crucial time for healing old wounds this will be for a lot of you. Some of you might be confronted with painful memories, so remember to focus on love and forgiveness. For some, this card could also signify that someone from your past (from this life or another) will show up to heal old wounds or to resolve an issue. Always remember, they say, that this is all part of your self-healing process. Keep a positive attitude and stay calm, they say. Releasing anger is good, but focus on the positive reasons why you are releasing this, rather than coming from a place of fear. They are also telling me that some of you will be guided to heal yourselves through past life regression sessions (and I think I might be one ofthose people!).

Card 3: Friday-Sunday

Crown Chakra

A beautiful way to end another intense week, as the full moon will help strengthen your intuition and connection to the Divine. The increased energy and flow will possibly mean some of you will feel drained and have increased headaches, but rest assured that these are all positive and normal symptoms. I am told that this week can be very light and positive for some, but intense and difficult for others, depending on how much baggage you need to cleanse yourself from, and how you choose to receive the full moon's energy (negatively or positively). They are asking that you be open to receive this flow of energy. "You will not have to do anything, simply be open to Divine energy", they tell me.

Jump card: Workshops and Seminars

They are letting me understand this card has more of a "learning and teaching" aspect, as the angels want you to learn about moon cycles. They tell me most of you do not realise how powerful these cycles are and just how much they affect you. The full moon has been associated with witchcraft and fear for so long, and they want you to understand that energy is energy, and that you can use moon cycles in a very powerful and positive way if you choose so. It is a wonderful time to heal and to create a wave of love around the world. They are also calling on light workers to assist and support those who are going through this shift and dealing with these intense, sometimes negative energies. Some light workers are also still feeling intense energies and lower vibrations. "Focus on the positive", they say, and allow your natural teaching abilities to provide help for those going through these challenging times. It is important to mentor those who are seeking help with ascension, they say.

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