The Last Days of My Stem Cell Transplant Treatments

A nurse, Shannon, put pressure on the exit point to staunch any bleeding. Afterwards, they kept me under observation for an hour in case of bleeding. Its just as well I could keep lying on the gurney my legs we're too shaky to get me anywhere for at least a half hour. After a little cry and some apple juice, I started to feel more normal. When they said it was ok for me to leave, Ed and I walked the two blocks to the condo; I ate half a sandwich and fell into a deep sleep for over two hours.

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And now I do not have ANY medical procedure in the foreseeable future. I'll have to have follow-up blood work done on a bi-weekly basis but that's it!

I am very weak and my appetite is not yet back to normal. Not sure how much weight I've lost but I think I'd qualify as a runway model if only I we're eight inches taller!

The best thing is slowly, slowly, I am improving and making progress on all levels.

Tomorrow we are homeward bound. Can't wait to get back to the pine forest up the mountain.

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