How To Make Money By Blogging: Seven Ways

The facility to make money without having to leave the comforts of one's home would definitely be a dream come reality for most of us. The Internet presents an unlimited number of options for those who are trying to evaluate their options in the field. The most popular and the easiest among them is making money by blogging. This not only helps you be your own boss and earn from your own home, but also allows you to nurture your passion. Given below are a few suggestions for your consideration if you are a writer trying to understand how to make money by blogging.

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1.Social media syndication:

There is no doubt to the fact that traffic is the key to success in any attempt directed at knowing how to make money by blogging. This requires you to remain aggressive in your marketing campaign. Create an account in as many social networking platforms as possible and share your post. When traffic to your website increases, you can send your subscribers to the company you wish to promote. This creates a situation where money starts pouring into your bank account when more and more people decide to accept your recommendations.


An ad network ideal for someone looking for an alternative for Google AdSense, this is increasing in popularity as time passes by. When watching your favorite programs on TV or on the Internet, you are sure to see the ads about this network given with utmost priority. The network requires your website to meet certain criteria before you are able to place ads from this network. Visit the official website to know more about this amazing stream of income.


As an aspiring blogger, you are sure to have seen blogs with a widget at the end allowing you to read similar posts written in the field. This can be used to display ads on your website and get paid when someone clicks anyone of them.


This is a network which allows you to get connected with merchants. After creating an account on the site, you are offered the option to apply to get affiliated with the merchant of your choice. The website enjoys the reputation of giving the highest possible commission to it's affiliates. Place the ads of the merchants of your choice or insert their links at the end of your blog. When someone clicks the ad, your reference code gets pasted with the link clicked. When that person makes a purchase, you receive a portion of the profit generated.

5.Escalate Network:

Are you good at promoting a brand using freebies or coupons? If yes, Escalate Network is just for you. Get registered on the website, opt for the merchants in your field and start promoting them through the offers they give you. You may also be asked to advertise great deals offered by the companies of your choice. Here too, you are offered a commission when a sale is made through your blog.

The options available to enable you to understand how to make money by blogging abound in number. However, success lies with your ability to pick up the one which you feel would be ideal for you.

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