Not Getting Any Likes?

Are you one of those people who spends hours and hours creating social media content and then even more time wondering why nobody likes, shares, retweets or comments.

If so, you're not alone. The fact of the matter is there's a lot more content created every minute that will never get a second glance than there is content that will impact the world.

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So you've got two options. You can keep doing what you're doing. Or you can recognize why your content never goes viral and start making some changes. So here's a little tough love. I've listed below eight reasons why your social media posts aren't going viral.

  1. You're a heartless drone.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with injecting some emotion into your posts. In fact, getting emotional is probably the single most valuable thing you can do if you want people to engage. This applies not just to social media, but to life in general as well.

  2. You're nothing but a scam.

    Quit it with the gimmicks. Don't try to trick people into liking you. Contests and giveaways might help you increase your fan base. But if these people aren't really fans, if they're not genuinely interested in what you've got to say, then all you did was waste time and perhaps money on giving something away.

  3. You're not who you say you are.

    Be yourself. Go ahead and get personal. You may represent a business, but your followers are people. They'd rather engage with another person than a corporate identity. Dont be afraid to let them in on the person or people behind the brand. And be honest about who you are.

  4. You're just not thinking.

    That's right. You've got to think. I'm convinced an awful lot of people actually turn their minds off when they start creating social media content. Why do I think that? Because the content they create isn't anything they would ever consider sharing themselves. And yet they wonder why nobody else shares it. Think. Would you engage with your own content? If not, back-space, delete, undo, try again.

  5. You're narrow minded.Its time to think outside the box. Or even better, take the box out to the dumpster and be rid of it completely. If what you're doing isn't working, do something different. Try lots of different things. Actually, try to make sure everything you do online is unique. Variety is the spice of life, so they say. You'll never figure out what can go viral if you keep doing the same thing.
  6. You're outdated.You've got to live in the moment if you want to see action on social media. Social media allows us to follow the entire world in real time. If you're scheduling all of your posts for the week on Monday morning, then guess what? Fridays posts are old news before they even make it to anyones Twitter feed. Post in the moment if you want to capture the moment.
  7. You're boring. 

    Its pretty simple really. Nobody wants to read about your products and services. I'm sorry, but they dont. People like cute kittens, funny jokes and pictures that remind them of the way things used to be. If you don't think you can avoid being boring because all you really want to do is make sure the world knows about your business, just give up now. Social media is a tool for engaging with others. By creating real engagement, you'll build relationships and grow your business. Simply advertising through social media will get you nowhere. In fact, it could seriously hurt your image.

  8. You're insensitive.

    Perhaps this post isn't the best example of how to be sensitive. Nevertheless, you've got to remember that if people are offended by what you say on social media, it probably won't help your image any more than if you stood up in front of a room full of people and said the same thing. Instead, create content that people will be proud to share publicly.

Do these reasons apply to your social media posts? Which ones do you see far too much of? Have I missed something or is my thinking way off?

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