The New Moon & messages from Archangel Michael

This week, I decided to work with my new deck, James Van Praagh's "The Soul's Journey". It is a beautiful deck of positive affirmations and lessons, and so far I've had nothing but amazing results with it. Archangel Michael is with us this week, and I strongly felt his urge to assist me in this reading. I centered myself and let him do the talking! All the information relating to the cards in this reading are channelled from Archangel Michael.

Many of the cards that turned up for this week's reading can be perceived as negative, or as a sign of a negative week, but since everything is a question of perception, that is not case as far as I and AA Michael are concerned.

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Rather, this is a week of new beginnings and fresh starts. There is a New Moon this week, on November 22. We are encouraged to prepare for this natural occurrence by working on releasing what no longer serves us and moving forward, with a particular focus on how we view ourselves: our self-worth and self-esteem.

Card 1: Monday-Tuesday

Failure: "I understand that a mistake is only an opportunity to learn"

"I would like you to no longer focus on what you believe to be the negative side of who you are, or on what you've accomplished or haven't accomplished. Looking backwards and experiencing shame or guilt is of no use to you, because it blocks you from learning from your past mistakes and from appreciating who you are on this Blessed Day. Mistakes are merely lessons, nothing more. They are crucial to your experiences and to your life. Embrace them! Learn from them, for that is what they are for. Move on and think not of how people think of you, but how you think of yourself. There is no such thing as "Failure". This is a human concept that stems from your own minds. It is an illusion, a thought process. Thinking one is a failure means accepting standards that others have decided you should live up to. Elevate yourself to your own standards, and move on with your life knowing that you have done your best and all you could according to what you knew at that point in time. There is a child within all of you! Nurture this child, and tell it, on your behalf, that there is only love and positive talk to be had from now on."

Card 2: Wednesday-Thursday

Self-Esteem: "I possess gifts of the soul that benefit me and others"

"Please embrace who you are! Your gifts, your sense of humour, your natural self, your laughter, your faults, your qualities, your life and your experience! You all have gifts! Hear this, dear One: those who are told they are different, those who are told they need to adjust to society, those who are considered too slow for your fast-paced world: those are usually the people whose gifts are most needed. Do not believe you are not as good as others, that your gifts are not as valuable, or that you are empty of any talents! Everything you say, think and do is a gift to others. It is up to you to use this gift positively. Search within your heart and ask yourself what your gifts are, how you may help others or bring joy and love to people's lives. Is it the gift of laughter? The gift of meticulousness? The gift of perception? The gift of song? The gift of thinking outside the box? The gift of innocence? The gift of hypersensitivity and empathy? The gift of intuitiveness or pragmatism? Shall we go on? What you may perceive as a fault or a negative aspect of your personality can be a precious gift, dear One. Set your own standards, and review your situation."

Card 3: Friday-Sunday

Death: "I am learning that endings are merely beginnings"

"We would like you to know there is no such thing as death, for the soul always lives on. An end to something is always a beginning to something else. Take the time this week to focus on what you would like to heal, on what chapters you would like to close, and follow Lady Moon's gracious footsteps towards a fresh new start. Herein lies the great secret of this new beginning: a cycle is coming to an end, and you are invited to ascend further up, to allow new beginnings in your life. We are here to assist you in this process. Change can bring discomfort and pain, but when one follows their heart, only joy and peace can prevail. There is no need to follow a spiritual path or to believe in metaphysics to do this. One simply needs to listen to their heart, for that is all it takes. Let this new cycle be yours, and let the world hear your heart beat! You are loved and protected by all that is Love, and Love is all that is."

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