How to win the war within ourselves.

An author studies how to win the war within ourselves. His books are stuffed with kind of wisdom that comes from having been there, and done that. The concept of resistance comes up over and over again in his non-fiction works. He urges us to fight, tooth and nail, against resistance or it will always have our number.

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Meeting resistance.

Resistance goes to work whenever we try to better ourselves.

In my experience, there's always some un-seeable force working overtime to slow or stop my progress in becoming the best version of myself. Resistance is a resilient and cunning adversary that will not play fair to stop you from gettin' er done.

Enter meditation.

In my experience, meditation is a powerful weapon against resistance.

I could have inserted a top five list of reasons to meditate but that probably won't spur anyone to act. What I hope you will find more inspiring is my account of something that is immensely useful in my pursuit of personal mastery. More to the point, meditation helps me tune-out of chattery and self-defeating thoughts and it tune-in to positive, energizing, and authentic thoughts. Sound useful? Wait 'til you feel the effects!

If the little voice in your head has been seducing you with clever rationales to ignore, put off, or evade the relentless pursuit of your higher calling, I would invite you to change tactics and give meditation a try.

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