Today I feel confused.

I can't exactly say why I feel confused, but the basic gist of it is, I am newly single. I have no current urge to see anyone, or do anything with anyone. Sexually, romantically or anything.

But there is someone. Someone who confuses me.

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I can't give away much. But if they ever read this they will know who they are.

We have a weird bond. We spent a lot of time together a couple of years ago, and since then we have always had this connection.

When I say connection, we had a slight sexual connection and a romantic connection and a friend connection. I feel as though we have unfinished business but after 100's of meets and chats surely we would have finished whatever it was? Recently we have been speaking again more frequently.

Whenever I see this person, no matter what mood I am in. I become giddy like a school boy. I see this person and I am happy. I share secrets with this person and feel like I have put them into Fort knox (I'm funny right?) << (Inside joke sorry).

This person makes me comfortable. I have no reason to impress them or dress up or be anyone I'm not. I wouldn't say this is a "love" sort of relationship whatever that is, but I wouldn't say this is a "friend" sort of relationship either. Its confusing.

I can't quite explain it, and neither can they, however much we try. I'm only writing this because this blog is my new place to come to speak. Because ultimately not many people are ever going to read this and if all of a sudden you do. Please comment and help me out here.

Life sucks, and life is hard. But when there's someone out there who makes you forget about money, forget about other feelings and forget about the worries and hurt in your life. Shouldn't you keep them as close as possible?

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