3 Keys to Winning the Rat Race Without Being a Rat

You may have heard it said that even if you are winning the rat race, you are still a rat! While for most people this may be true, I have discovered 3 keys which will help you win the rat race without becoming one of the rats.

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  1. Never compete with anyone other than yourself. What have you proved if you beat everyone around you, but lose yourself? But if you continually work to beat your previous best, then you develop and grow as a person.
  2. Become a person of influence. It is the influencers, not the manipulators who leave a worthy and durable legacy for others to follow.
  3. Be a solution provider, not a problem solver. Your clients need solutions to problems that they know about and the ones they don't know about. Find the solutions before the problems arise and you will make a client for life.

I have found many professionals for whom these 3 keys are an ordinary part of daily life. They are, too a person, less stressed, more prosperous and more content. Oh, and they are way ahead of the rat race!


Posted in Internet Post Date 08/10/2021






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